Club: United Tigers
Age: 28
Position: CM/CAM
Nation: Israel
City: Yerushalayim

Barak Abarbanel In United Tigers

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Player ProfileEdit

Barak started his career in season 15 in the Israeli club Liverpool FC.

After 2 seasons in the club he moved to his second club in Israel, Maccabi Haifa, and after one season in the U19 team he was loaned to the club B-team He played there for 1 season, and in the end of season 18 he was loaned to a new club in Israel, FC Porto. In season 19 he played in Porto for half season and then returned to Maccabi haifa's B-team tho help them in the national cup and helped them rech the semi finals.

In the very end of season 19 he became a player-manager in Beiter jeurslem and managed to get to Ligat Ha'al after a win in the playoffs. But in Beiter's first season he falied to help them and they relegated after one season.

In season 21 he finally joined to the squad in Maccabi Haifa Also as player-manager and with him the team won the league, this winning was the club 3rd championship and all ot them was in a row, they also won for the first time the national cup.

In season 22 they lost the league title to Terra Nova that also won the cup.

After that season barak decided that's it's time to play outside of Israel for the first time so he signed in the Croatian club, Nitru Bulls and they finished in the 3rd place in the league. In season 23 Terra Nova moved to Croatia and he joined them but after only 13 games he decided to comeback to Israel and he signed in FC Porto, and led them to 2nd place.

Again after one season he moved, this time to the Israeli club, Erasmus FC, he played there for 2 season, won 1 championship, played 49 games and in this games he scored 104 and 33 assists.

In season 26 Barak left Israel again and joind the Bosnian club, United Tigers.

History & Achievements Edit

Barak won the Israeli league twice, and the Israeli cup twice, he was selected as the Israeli best player and Israel best midfielder.


National Team Edit

Barak played in Israel U18 12 games and scored 8 goals.

In Israel U21 he played 24 games and added 7 goals.

Currently he is important player in the Israeli national team, he played 41 and scored 5 goals.

In his 73 games in all of the national team he added 11 assists.

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