Current Club: Los Locos
Age: 18
Position: AMC
Nation: England
City: Manchester
Footstar Link: Danny Silva @ FootStar

Current ProfileEdit

Danny Silva is an English AMC currently at Los Locos youth team in Wales.

Rumours have it, Danny is interested in going back into team management in the new year, founding a team in the English B league . In the mean time, he has taken the reigns as Manchester U18 manager, in the hope to finish what so far has been a great campaign and qualify for the World Cup!


Born in Manchester, Silva made his U18 debut on 22nd July 2013 in a World Cup Qualifying game against Croation side Zagreb. The game finished with a 3-1 win. To this day, he has 15 caps to his name and is the sides all time top scorer with a goal tally of 11.

The Welsh based attacking midfielder has also collected 3 caps for the National U18 squad. But after a fall out with current manager Gavin Mcmillan, he hasn't played since.


  • 17/06/13 - Signed for Real Saints
  • 22/07/13 - First U18 City Team Cap
  • 11/08/13 - Signed for Los Locos
  • 30/09/13 - First U18 International Cap

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