Current Club: BMFA
Age: 21
Position: Winger
Nation: England
City: London
Screenshot 16
Footstar Link: Steve Jackson

@ Footstar

Player ProfileEdit

Steve Jackson was born on the 1st day of season 20...And has played for several different teams on loan. The Unsullied U19Urban Ninja'sHardly AthleticThistle Hotspur F.C.

He is currently manager of Bobby Moore's Football Academy.

International CareerEdit


30/07/2012 London First Under-18 city team cap
29/10/2012 England Under 18 First Under-18 international cap
05/11/2012 Urban Ninja's National champion of D - 8
22/07/2013 London First Under-21 city team cap
02/12/2013 England Under 21 First Under-21 international cap

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